What to Expect from a Tarot Reading

Heading out in Pasadena for a session of tarot readings is a fun and exciting thing to do. If it’s your first time visiting a psychic you may also be feeling somewhat nervous or anxious because you don’t know what to expect. Each psychic does things differently, but there are some common threads that run through every reading. Before you go for your first reading, these are some things you can expect and prepare your mind for:

A Calm Atmosphere

Walking into a psychic’s reading room, you’ll notice a sense of calm and quiet. This is not an area that is hustling and bustling, and you’ll see that the peace and tranquility of the room will help your stress melt away. To get the most benefit from your reading, it’s best to take a few deep breaths and make a conscious choice to leave your worries at the door. When you walk into the room in a calm and relaxed state, you’ll be able to receive the messages of your reading better than if you are tense and rushing in. Let the atmosphere of the room set the tone for your reading.

Asking a Question

At any reading, your psychic will ask you to have a question prepared before you begin. They may or may not ask you to share your question with them. Your question sets the tone for the reading and what the tarot cards reveal will be interpreted based on what you’re asking. Many people in Pasadena look for love readings to answer questions about the future of their relationships. Others have questions about family or career. Use your question as a guide for what the cards reveal for you.

Vivid Imagery

One thing you’ll notice right away when you arrive at a Pasadena psychic for tarot readings is the vivid imagery that you’ll find everywhere. There may be small shrines set up, pictures of spiritual gurus, candles, incense, and a rich tapestry of fabrics. You’ll also notice the pictures on the cards, which are beautifully illustrated, each with a different symbolism. Do not be startled by some of the cards you see because of the types of pictures they have on them. The cards should not be interpreted literally. For example, the death card does not mean that you or someone close to you will die. Rather, it signifies a major change in your life. Enjoy the images you see but wait for your psychic to explain each card before becoming worried or making assumptions about their meaning.

An Uplifting Experience

Not all readings will yield positive results and tell you that you’re going to be rich and fall in love forever. However, even if your reading reveals sadness or loss, you will feel different after you leave. You can expect to feel lighter and a sense of relaxation. You won’t feel as burdened by worry and stress but can expect to feel calmer and have a sense of clarity. This is why many people enjoy visiting a psychic and continue to go for readings after their first time.